Months after the first project launch in 2013, I’m quite happy to publish the first version of Web*Start. It is now live with

Currently, this is a WebApp which can be used offline and can interact with a WordPress website (by the WParty plugin).

Any user can load the WebApp in its browser and write specifications online or offline. The data is stored inside the browser. So use it on your devices and not on public cyber access.

On desktop, you can print the WepApp and it will render as clean slides containing your specifications. You can also export the specifications in a HTML file. So you can easily share your document. Also, this gives you the opportunity to further customize the document.

With Google Chrome browser, you can directly print the document as a PDF file.

On iOS, you can’t export the document into a file. But, with Google Chrome, you can print to Google Cloud Print using your Google Web Drive as a printer. The file is then saved as a PDF file on your GDrive. But the layout has some problems with page feeds. So the result is not as clean as we could wish.

A next step would be to provide a web service to send the document by email or create a PDF file for download.

And of course, one major feature will be to perform synchronisation between devices by a cloud service.

The choice to publish Web*Start as a WebApp has many advantages. No need to publish on various App Store or Google Play. The WebApp can integrate quite easily with a web platform like

HTML5 localStorage has a big limitation to 5Mo. But writing specifications for a web project can suit very well in these limits.

To manage images, this will surely be better to integrate Tablets as a native App…